Estuary RestorationResearch

We are committed to restoring the Swan Lake Watershed to its optimal, bio-diverse, fish-friendly, natural state. The cornerstone of this effort is to improve access for juvenile salmon and other salmonid species to Swan Lake and nearby uplands by enhancing the tidal connection to the high-energy, oxygen-rich, marine waters off West Beach. More.

Butterfly RestorationButterfly

Since 2009 we have been working at the north end of Swan Lake to remove noxious weeds and restore maritime prairie habitat to bring back the endangered Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly and, we hope, other critically threatened butterfly species. We are planting micro-habitat plots, experimenting with various larval and nectaring host plants favored by the butterfly, and monitoring to see whether our plantings can survive the foraging of Eastern Cottontail Rabbits. More

Native Plant RestorationRestoration

Native prairies and grasslands are susceptible to many pressures from agriculture to urban development, herbicides and pesticides, recreational activity, the encroachment of trees and invasive species such as the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit. We are working to remove noxious weeds and restore native plant species at the north end of Swan Lake, in part to bring back the Taylor Checkerspot Butterfly and other species that once thrived here. In the fall of 2009 we planted our first micro-habitat plot, also known as the rabbit salad bar, as a test to see how much competition these plants would receive from the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit. More

Education and OutreachMeeting

Our mission is to help preserve our unique, critical ecosystem and quality island lifestyle for future generations. We can succeed only if the public understands, values and shares our love of the Swan Lake Watershed’s priceless habitat and biodiversity. One way we do this is by involving volunteers in our projects so they may experience the richness of the habitat, learn as they work, and share in our successes. More