About Swan Lake

Habitat of Local Importance
Swan Lake is an Island County Habitat of Local Importance (HOLI). In 1999, the county adopted regulations giving special protection to fewer than 10 such places of particular importance to wildlife due to their outstanding habitat qualities. No permits, including building, subdivision, clearing and grading, septic or other authorizations may be granted until certain site-assessment requirements have been satisfied.

HOLIs are places of unusually high value that are sensitive to human disturbance. Swan Lake is a coastal lagoon that is home to a rich community of wildlife and native plants. Many birds stop here on their worldwide migration. Insects land on nearby vegetation and fall into the water, becoming food for larger creatures. Native plants produce seeds, berries and nesting material for marsh-dwellers.

How We Benefit from Wetlands
Fresh water drains down from the surrounding uplands and marine water arrives beneath the road. At Swan Lake they mix to become estuarine. Vegetation in and around the marsh helps clean the water of pollutants that would otherwise reach our marine shores and our fish, mammals and shellfish. The nearby marine shore provides habitat for endangered bull trout and other migratory salmon species. Wetlands help slow flood waters and recharge our groundwater.

Our Legacy to Future Generations
We are the stewards of our environment, and are responsible for the condition in which we leave Swan Lake and the surrounding watershed to future generations. Outdoor recreation is healthy for body and soul. Protecting our natural areas will help ensure that future generations of hikers, bicyclists and wildlife viewers will continue to enjoy the beauty, diversity and inspiration of nature that make Swan Lake a rewarding place to live and visit.  Contact Us